Show off your PC in Thermaltake's Core P3 case available for $75 after rebate

There are plenty of cases out there that allow you to showcase your build through a side window, though few take things as far as Thermaltake's Core P3. It is an open-air chassis that you can mount on a wall like a piece of art, and it is on sale at Newegg today for $100. There is also a $25 mail-in-rebate available, bringing the eventual cost down to $75.

If you don't want to mount the Core P3 on the wall, you can stand it up vertically (it comes with plastic feet) or lay it down horizontally. One word of warning—I own the larger Core P5 and have it standing up vertically, and on occasion my cat likes to walk behind the window. She's a pest, but if you have pets, that is something to consider.

The Core P5 looks its best when you have a liquid cooling setup to install, either an all-in-one with a large radiator, or a self-built kit with acrylic tubing and reservoir to fill all that space to the right of the motherboard mount.

Thermaltake also throws in a rise cable so that you can install your graphics card on its side. That won't work if you have multiple graphics cards or other components that plug into a PCI-Express slot (like a sound card). Otherwise, you can finally show off the heatsink on your GPU.

You can grab the Thermaltake Core P3 on sale here. The printable rebate form is available here (PDF).

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Paul Lilly

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