Show Me The Games shows us savings on 32 indie games

Okay, so you probably don't need any more games in your pile of shame, but we never said we were here to help you. Yep—we've found even more cheapo deals for your collection, all arranged on a single page for your ease (and your wallet's disdain).

Show Me The Games has curated 32 indie games that currently have offers and discounts applied to them—in some cases you're given a link direct to a developer's site, and in other cases you'll receive a discount code to apply to checkout. In all cases, 100% of the funds go to the developers, which is pretty cool, you've gotta admit.

Personally, I'm using this as a chance to finally pick up Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble. And if there's just one game here you absolutely must buy? Make it Darwinia, Introversion's kick-ass RTS/tactics game, which is very much worth its discounted price of $7.50. There's three days left on these deals, so check them out in time to build up your gaming pile for the weekend.