Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom launch date announced, so let's listen to some music

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is a PS2-inspired JRPG that drops players in the midst of a conflict between multiple kingdoms on one of the Celestial islands created by the breakup of the planet Mahera—a conflict that might be brought to a peaceful outcome through the use of your ability to communicate with the mysterious, magical spirit known as the "Shiness." We said in mid-February that is was expected to be out "in a few weeks," which by most reasonable estimates would have put it in early to mid-March. Now, on the decidedly late end of that scale, we still don't have the game, but we do have a proper and precise launch date of April 18, and a nice new music trailer to watch, too. 

The video is actually meant to showcase the game's soundtrack, which was created by Hazen Hawash, co-founder of developer Enigami. But there are snippets of gameplay, characters, and environments on display as well, and really seems quite lovely: Clearly more advanced than anything seen on the venerable PlayStation 2, as several of you were good enough to point out last month, but definitely drawing on its spirit.

From what we played of Shiness back in 2016, we had a good time with it. Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is available for pre-purchase on Steam for $25/£21/€25. Find out more at

Andy Chalk

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