Shenmue 3 producer reiterates 2018 launch, promises 'many other surprises'

Two and a half years ago, Shenmue 3 was successfully Kickstarted to the tune of $6,333,295—breaking world records in the process. Originally scheduled to land last month, developer Ys Net delayed the game's launch to some stage in the second half of this year, before latterly announcing partnerships with both Deep Silver and Lakshya Digital

Now, one of the game's producers has confirmed Shenmue 3's arrival this year, while speaking cryptically in the process. Posting from his personal Twitter account, Shibuya Productions president and founder Cedric Biscay said this: 

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In May 2016, Sega said it was "investigating" the possibility of remastering the original Shenmue games. Could Biscay's mention of "many other surprises" pertain to this? It's worth noting that Shibuya is also involved in both the Astroboy and Cobra manga series, so another comic reboot might instead be on the cards.

But wouldn't it be nice to re/visit Shenmue and its sequel—particularly given the latter ended on a cliffhanger? Speculate away on what may be in store in the comments below. 

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