Shenmue 3 'development report' videos show return of series-staple QTEs

In December, Shenmue mastermind Yu Suzuki promised prospective players new footage from the much-anticipated third outing 'early in the new year'. That's yet to materialise, however a series of 'developer report' videos have surfaced which go behind the scenes at developer Ys Net. From the little shown off below, it seems QTE sequences—a mechanic prevalent in the first games released at the turn of the century—are back in force.    

The first short of the series showcases a rock-hopping quick-time event which mirrors a similar scene in Shenmue 2. Later, a staffer is seen designing an event scene (thanks, Gematsu). 

The second short shows off less in the way of tangible development, however again shows off a member of the Ys Net team working through a QTE test play—whereby gamepad buttons flash up in random patterns on-screen. 

Having paid close attention to our Shenmue 3 articles' comments sections of late, I'm aware the PC Gamer readership is pretty split on whether or not Suzuki's modern take on the cult classic series can succeed today. I loved the original games, and while I'm also aware nostalgia plays a large part in my affection, I really do hope Shenmue 3 lives up to its billing. 

That said, I'm not fond of QTE sequences whatsoever, and although I appreciate Ys Net are playing up the nostalgia elements of Shenmue, this is definitely a feature I'd rather see played down. 

Fingers crossed the aforementioned promised footage lands soon. According to its Kickstarter campaign page, Shenmue 3's full release is expected in December, 2017.