Shared-world survival game Memories of Mars coming to Steam next week

Memories of Mars is an open-world first-person survival game set on the titular red planet. Its multiplayer is similar to games like DayZ in that people play on shared servers and the players you come across are just as likely to kill you as help you. As Sam said, there's also a bit of ARK: Survival Evolved to it, especially in the base building. It first popped up on Steam back in January, and today developer Limbic Entertainment announced it will enter Early Access next week on Tuesday, June 5. 

Early Access, er, access will cost you $30. The Early Access build will be "fully functional" on release, Limbic says, with more areas, items, events and other features on the way. Immediately, the studio is looking to implement changes requested in Memories of Mar's recent beta, like additional spawn points, vehicles and improved competitive seasons. 

"Each new season will be bringing new opportunities, elements and mechanics, making the map feel like a fresh new canvas," Limbic said in a Steam blog post. "You will be able to carry over some of your experience across seasons thanks to a memory bank and you have the possibility of burying some of your most precious possessions in an emergency capsule for your future self to retrieve." 

Limbic expects Memories of Mars to stay in Early Access for a few months and fully release later this year. The studio is "undecided" on whether it will raise the price of the game throughout or after Early Access. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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