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Shadow Warrior 2 launch trailer has gore, Lo Wang and Stan Bush

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There's something oddly cathartic about watching Shadow Warrior 2's central samurai-sporting character Lo Wang decimating otherworldly creatures to the sound of Stan Bush's '80s classic The Touch. Which is exactly what the game's launch trailer depicts as it celebrates release today. 

The following 98 second trailer is actually Shadow Warrior 2's opening credits, which sees our favourite formidable warrior—now a "reclusive mercenary on the edge of a corrupted world", we're told—ripping limbs from alien creatures before firing bullets between their eyes. Like its forerunner, overkill is quite literally what's expected here. 

As Andy reported a couple of weeks back, singer songwriter Stan Bush has penned a brand new song for Flying Wild Hog's latest—but it's the '80s rocker's most famous track, The Touch, which has been chosen to lead Lo Wang into his newest adventure. Lo Wang himself has a "Lo Wang hijack" version of the same track, however I can only assume that its very NSFW lyrics are why the radio edit was given the green light instead. 

If you'd like to rock out with Wang and Bush, Shadow Warrior 2 is out now via Steam, GOG (opens in new tab) and the Humble Store (opens in new tab).