Stan Bush records a brand-new song for Shadow Warrior 2

The Shadow Warrior reboot of a few years ago set the introduction of its very different take on central character Lo Wang to the hard rockin' strains of The Touch, an uber-80s song by Stan Bush that's probably best known for its use in the 1986 Transformers film. Bush, according to the blurb in the launch trailer, had never heard of Shadow Warrior up to that point, but he must've seen something in it he liked, because he's recorded a brand-new song for the upcoming Shadow Warrior 2 called 'Warrior' that you can listen to right here. 

Warrior will appear in Shadow Warrior 2, and will also be released as part of a limited-edition Warrior EP, which will also include The Touch, Never Surrender, and The Touch (Lo Wang Hijack), a “remastered duet” of his big hit. (You can probably guess who else sings on it.) The EP lists for $60/£46/€54, which seems like a pretty stiff price for four songs, but it also comes with a Steam code for Shadow Warrior 2 Deluxe bundle that includes the soundtrack, a digital art book, and the Solid Gold DLC pack. That normally goes for $50 on its own (although it's currently available for pre-purchase for $46), which makes the price of the EP a lot more reasonable. 

Stan Bush's Warrior EP is available for preorder from Laced Records, which has previously produced soundtrack albums for Hotline Miami and No Man's Sky. You can listen to the whole thing below, too, but be warned: The Lo Wang Hijack version of The Touch is really not safe for work. Shadow Warrior 2 is set for release on October 13.  

Andy Chalk

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