Shadow Man: Remastered releases April with 'never-before-seen content cut from the original'

Shadow Man: Remastered Comparison
(Image credit: Nightdive Studios)

Shadow Man: Remastered, Nightdive Studios' revival of the old 1999 Acclaim voodoo action game based on the comic book, will hit Steam, GOG, and Epic Games on April 15.

Nightdive Studios is responsible for reviving a truckload of wonderful retro 3D titles, including Doom 64, Turok and the upcoming remastered System Shock. We showed off a glimpse of Shadow Man: Remastered with a trailer that debuted at last year's PC Gaming Show. The game will support up to 4K, including widescreen monitors, plus HDR rendering. There's also some graphical tweaking for light and shadows, along with some anti-aliasing to get rid of those pesky jaggies.

Here are some comparison shots from the original and remastered versions.

Those who played the original Shadow Man will still be able to find something new in the remaster too, with some unspecified cut content making its way into the game. Sorry, there's no info on this beyond "never-before-seen content cut from the original game", but we've asked for details. Hopefully they're not over-hyping something minor, because it's always fun to see studios dig up these long-lost nuggets of code and assets, and should entice original fans to return even more.

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