Seven is a Thief-inspired RPG from former Witcher 3 devs


This is a very exciting opening paragraph for a game announcement:

"Seven is a Thief-inspired, 3D isometric RPG, in which you take on a role of a lone traveller. You’re going to explore a nonlinear, sandbox world."

Already, I am into that. I don't even really know what it means, or how well Thief-like stealth would work in an isometric game, but my interest is piqued.

"Classic isometric gameplay is going to be redefined with parkour climbing system that gives you the ability of free-traversing obstacles on any height horizontally and vertically."

Okay, so the second paragraph is equal parts intriguing and confusing. Isometric parkour? How does that work? Whatever, I am still into this.

"Quest line set in a 'beyond post-apocalyptic' environment is created by minds behind The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You can expect branching choices with moral consequences. More to come soon."

I am digging the terseness with which this information is being delivered. Post-post-apocalypse? Check. Moral choices? Check. Is being made by ex-CD Projekt RED developers? Check. It's certainly a good pedigree, and gives me some confidence that its makers—IMGN.PRO and Fool's Theory—may be able to craft these seemingly disparate elements into something cohesive.

Aside from those few short sentences, and some longer flavour text about "this beautiful shithole called Peh," there really isn't any more information about Seven—not even a release date. There's a newsletter on the game's official site, should you want to be kept abreast of its progress.

Update: IMGN.PRO got in touch to say that, while the release date isn't fixed, they're hoping to release in the second half of next year.

Phil Savage

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