Settlers 7 DLC released, free update adds new map and necromancy

Settlers 7 giant pentagon

A new update for Settlers 7 has gone live, adding a free map and a school of dark arts that players will be able to use to bring fallen soldiers back from the dead. A new DLC pack has also been released containing a new five-part campaign.

The new campaign can be bought from the Ubisoft Store , for £10 / $15. It contains a new mini campaign that takes palce across five maps to form an estimated ten hours of new content. The campaign covers some important events concerning the history of the world of Tandria, following the fortunes of Dracorian and his sister Rovyn as they escape from the clutches of King Konradin and King Balderus.

The free patch adds a series of new technologies. These can be learned from the new Occult Science Technology Board, and give players the following abilities:

  • Necromancy: Fallen soldiers briefly come back from the dead to avenge their death.
  • Evil Eye: Fewer Clerics are needed to proselytize Camps.
  • Deal with the Devil: For every soldier you send to kingdom come, you'll be rewarded with coins.
  • Demonic Bargaining: You'll get more coins for each batch of Garments and Jewellery you sell at Ports and Marketplaces.
  • Dark Aura:The effect of Clerics deployed in Camps is increased by 5%.
  • Hidden Persuasion: With every deal they close at Ports or Market Places, your Traders have a 10% chance of obtaining their merchandise without having to pay.

The update also adds the Monhaim Valley map which can be played in skirmish and multiplayer modes. The update is available through Steam , or to download from Atomic Gamer , and Worth Playing . Settlers 7 was one of the first games to use Ubisoft's new DRM system, and an internet connection is still required to play. For more information on the game check out the official Settlers 7 site.

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