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Serious Sam 2 swaps GameSpy for Steamworks, not being on sale for being on sale

GameSpy is gone. Not just the site *sniff*, but the multiplayer server thing that for some reason outlived it. This link should you tell you all you need to know about any games in your collection unfortunately burdened with the "Powered by GameSpy" motto, but you can now add another to the list. Serious Sam 2 - confusingly the sequel to Serious Sam: The Second Encounter - has swapped GameSpy for Steamworks, which should hold us until Steam goes bust at any rate. The update that makes the transition happen also fixes "problems with FOV on widescreen resolutions" and "wrong rendering of Uzi weapon in first person", which is good to know.

In not entirely coincidental news, all of the Serious Sam games are having their own mini Steam sale, for the next day and a bit.

Here's our review of Serious Sam 3. We called it "A hugely fun, mega-frenetic co-op shooter that embodies the soul, and depth, of '90s twitch shooters". We also called the single-player a "lingering, grudging concession", so it's not all roses.

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