Sennheiser launches a gaming headset that won't stick to your skin

If you tend to work up a sweat while gaming, you may want to turn up the AC, and maybe take more breaks. Also, Sennheiser has a new gaming headset that it claims won't stick to your ears, no matter how long you play.

Sennheiser's new GSP 600 is a successor the Game Zero, both of which feature closed earcups. However, Sennheiser says the GSP 600 is an improvement in every way, from sound quality and microphone performance, to comfort and durability. And apparently you can peel it off your face pretty easily, if that's been an issue.

"The ear pads also help you keep your cool with a luxurious combination of materials for both style and comfort: While leatherette is used around the edges of the ear pad, a cooler feeling suede-like material is used around the ear that won't stick to the skin— even in the heat of the action," Sennheiser says.

Sennheiser also makes note of a new "advanced solid metal hinge system" that gives players more freedom of movement while increasing durability. Compared to other headphones, this is supposed to help the GSP 600 fit a wider range of face shapes, allowing it to pivot to conform to both narrow and broad jawlines. There's also an "Adjustable Contact Pressure" feature to ensure a snug fit without feeling too tight.

The GSP 600 uses aluminum voice coil speakers that Sennheiser designed and manufacturers in-house. There's no mention of the size of these drivers, though Sennheiser is promising better bass performance that doesn't overpower mids and highs.

Naturally we can't offer an opinion on the comfort or audio quality until we have a chance to test a unit ourselves. Hopefully we'll be able to do that soon—Sennheiser says the GSP 600 will be available at the end of the month, priced at $250 (€249).

Paul Lilly

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