Sekiro resurrection mechanic allows for deadlier combat than Dark Souls, says Miyazaki

Sekiro, From Software's next game, subverts nearly everything we've come to expect from Dark Souls, said Steven after a hands-off demo at E3. One major change is its resurrection mechanic, which lets players revive themselves immediately without returning to a checkpoint. And despite how it might sound, game director Hidetaka Miyazaki says this can make Sekiro harder than Souls, not easier. 

Chatting to the PlayStation Blog, Miyazaki says Sekiro's difficulty was designed with the knowledge players can die and resurrect on the spot.   

"There are three ways death influences Sekiro," Miyazaki tells the PS Blog. "For the gameplay purposes of keeping the flow good and being able to have this risky situation, to be able to use it creatively, and also that the story centers around the concept of resurrection.

"There’s one thing I’d like to make sure isn’t misunderstood: the resurrection system was not introduced to make the game easier. If anything, it actually can make the game harder because it allows us to push the edge of risky combat where the player can die at any moment."

Miyazaki doesn't commit to the specifics of Sekiro's resurrection system—"the system itself is not yet 100 percent final," he says—but does suggest it controls the pace of the game, and the difficulty based around it. 

"Just because you have this resurrection mechanic, it doesn’t mean the player won’t be afraid of death," he adds. 

Check out the PlayStation Blog's interview with Miyazaki in full this way.