See your ship from a new perspective in Elite: Dangerous Horizons video

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It's easy to forget the sheer size of a spaceship when you're gadding about in it from a first-person view, so props to all those games that let you get out and appreciate their scale on foot. Elite: Dangerous doesn't quite go that far, but in its upcoming Horizons expansion you'll be able to view your hulking space vessel from one of the tiny buggies used to explore atmosphere-less planets.

A new Horizons video shows this feature in action, and it's lovely stuff. Love those buggy sounds. And, hey, some of these ships are pretty huge. Who knew?

Those corvettes, and a bunch of other ships, are coming to Elite: Dangerous soon as part of the free 1.5 patch. There's a playlist featuring all the new ships here.

Elite: Dangerous' episodic Horizons expansion begins rolling out sometime this Winter. We have an hour of dune buggy footage right here.

Tom Sykes

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