See the Bakers turn zombie in Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe DLC trailer

Resident Evil 7's End of Zoe is due December 12, and will arrive alongside the first-person horror venture's complementary Not a Hero DLC. We took a closer look at what both entail last month, however two new trailers dive a little deeper than before. 

First up, it seems runaway baddie Lucas is again hosting some Saw-inspired death games in Not a Hero. I particularly enjoyed his role in the base game, so I'm quite pleased to see his story (and twisted imagination) revisited.

In End of Zoe, we see Resi 7's story unfold through the eyes of Zoe Baker. While helping base game protagonist Ethan fumble his way around the Baker plantation, we'll learn how Zoe became a prisoner in her own home—and how her parents started out as seemingly pleasant people. 

Of course we know the shit hit the fan thereafter, but seeing this I almost feel sorry for them. Almost.  

If you're yet to play Resident Evil 7, let me point you towards Andy's 90-scoring review over here. And if you like what you read there, know that RE7 is on sale for just £20/$30 (half price) as part of the Black Friday sales