See Square Enix's Luminous engine world editor in action

Square Enix's in-house Luminous engine is currently being used to make the game codenamed Project Athia, which we saw being teased at a PS5 event earlier this year, but still know only the most basic details about. The latest incarnation of the engine, however, is being shown off in more detail thanks to a video demonstrating its world editor, which was shown as part of Luminous Productions' presentation at the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference 2020 in Japan this week.

It may only be 1080p and look kind of like somebody playing a remake of Populous, but this showcase of the way the Luminous engine's auto-generation can fill out natural environments with trees and grass and rocks and so on still looks quite pretty. Now if someone can walk into that grass without it clipping through their legs, that'll be impressive.

As for Project Athia, it's definitely coming to PC and is apparently a third-person open world game about a woman in a fantasy world full of huge beasts. It sure looks like it'll feature some platforming and give you nature-themed powers.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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