See humans obliterated in 12 minutes of Total War: Warhammer

Total War Warhammer
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Total War: Warhammer (opens in new tab) rumbles on apace, which is good considering we're going to be giving you lot hands on with it at the PC Gamer Weekender (opens in new tab) this, er, weekend. Creative Assembly have released 12 minutes of Greenskin stomping for the quest Azhag's 'Ard Armour, detailing a little more about TW: Warhammer's magic system but mainly showing Bretons reduced to paste.

There's some lamenting the muted palette in the comments, which I sympathise with. On the other hand, the minute details continue to astound, befitting a game based on obsessively hand-painted miniatures: it's quite clear the Orc Boar Boyz (opens in new tab), for example, aren't Huns with a green paint job.

Total War: Warhammer goes live April 28 (opens in new tab).