Total War: Warhammer release date set, first DLC adds Chaos Warriors


The release date for Total War: Warhammer is April 28 2016, kicking off the summer of waaaagh for Ork players who have waited an age for Games Workshop to hook up with The Creative Assembly to do a proper Warhammer Fantasy game.

The game will feature four playable core races (Orks, Dwarfs, Empire, Undead) but a fifth—Chaos Warriors—will be available in Total War: Warhammer's first "race pack" DLC release. If you pre-order the game, race pack will be included for free on day one, giving you access to "three new playable Legendary Lords" with their own quest-lines.

The race pack adds some of Chaos' most alarming monsters, which you can see in the screenshots and video below. I'd guess the race pack could hint at the nature of future releases, for those wondering where the elves are hiding.

It is 2015, so of course there's a big fancy special edition of the game. The High King edition, at least comes with a canvas map and a drinking horn, suitable for both "display and practical use". It can hold a full pint of beer/mead/Irn Bru. You'll find more details on the official site.

Total War Warhammer Chaos 1

Total War Warhammer Chaos 3

Total War Warhammer Chaos 4

Total War Warhammer Chaos 5


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