See GTA 5's campaign up close with this neat first-person cutscenes mod

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 came with an optional first-person perspective at launch—but using it felt odd during cutscenes. In its vanilla state, they revert to third-person view, you see, which has always impacted my concentration. Why can't I view this short through the eyes of Michael, Franklin and/or Trevor, I've often asked. MrCrazyheat's latest project answers that call. 

Aptly named 'First Person Cutscenes', MrCrazyheat's work draws inspiration from fellow GTA 5 modder person Jedijosh920's like-minded mission video

WARNING: Grand Theft Auto 5 mission and plot spoilers ahead.   

Here's the mod in motion, first with footage from Franklin's The Long Stretch adventure:

And again with Michael's Bury the Hatchet:

And finally with the game's 'Deathwish' ending scene: 

More information on MrCrazyheat's First Person Cutscenes can be found on its GTA 5 Mods page. I'll leave you with some more screens: 

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