See Deckard's apartment recreated in VR in Blade Runner 9732

I'm still not convinced that Blade Runner 2049 is a good idea, but Blade Runner 9732 definitely is. It's a virtual tour of Rick Deckard's apartment being created by Quentin Lengele, a software engineer from Belgium, who's been working on it since back in 2014. In a recent update he said that the project is "almost finished," and showed off the fruits of his labor in the form of a "real time" trailer.  

Deckard's pad looks great, if not quite as smoky as I remember it from the film. The kitchen looks like it could use a bit of work, and Lengele said he's still improving the bathroom, but the living room is fantastic, and it's quite a view outside, too. The effect is obviously less impressive without a VR headset strapped to your face, but unfortunately this may be as good as it gets: As Glixel points out, this is an unofficial project, and that means a cease-and-desist could put the brakes on the whole thing at any time. 

Assuming that doesn't happen, Lengele plans to bring Rachel into the apartment, where she'll wander around, smoke cigarettes, and engage in uncomfortable conversations about childhood memories. For now, despite being almost finished, he's not providing an ETA on the release, but said it will be available for the HTC Vive as well as the Oculus Rift. 

Andy Chalk

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