See a mud crab waiting for the subway in this weird The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Morrowind launch trailer

The Elder Scrolls Legends expansion Houses of Morrowind went live today after a slight delay (from March 29 to April 5), bringing the strange land of the Dunmer to Bethesda's fantasy CCG. The expansion is notable not only for its incorporation of the studio's best RPG setting, but for the underlying changes it makes to the mechanical side of the game, including the addition of three-attribute cards which necessitate the use expanded deck sizes. 

What really hooked me about today's announcement, though, is the trailer. I honestly thought for a second that I'd clicked the wrong link, until the "Indoril" bit clicked—and then the appearance of the Guar, which really sealed the deal. (I didn't realize they had such big teeth.) After that it's the much-loved cliff racers, a mud crab taking the subway, and more from the Vvardenfell bestiary, all transplanted to real-world settings. It's very strange and I'm not sure how it relates to an Elder Scrolls CCG, but I like it. 

The Elder Scrolls: Legends – House of Morrowind will add 149 new cards to the game, Ash Creatures and Gods, three new keywords—'Rally', 'Betray' and 'Plot'—plus a a new 'Exalt" mechanic, and three new puzzle sets, each of them containing ten single-player challenges with rewards including Houses of Morrowind card packs, Soul Gems, and an exclusive card back. Full details are available at

We'll have a report on how the expansion has changed the game next week, but for now just know that our global editor-in-chief Tim is complaining about not being able to mass disenchant the new cards, which means he's had the credit card out again. 

Andy Chalk

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