Section 8: Prejudice announces multiplayer beta

Section 8 Prejudice

It seems like only yesterday (it was yesterday) that Tom F was lamenting that more people didn't play Section 8. Released late last year, it was a multiplayer shooter where death didn't mean death. It meant another chance to freefall into combat from a hovering dropship.

Hopefully Section 8: Prejudice, the sequel, will scratch the same itch but find a larger audience. There's a video of the robo-suited shooter in action below, along with details on how to apply to the rapidly approaching multiplayer beta.

The main focus of Section 8's action was a tug-of-war style 'Conquest' mode that had two teams capturing control points to earn victory. Completing feats like killing a certain number of players in melee would kick off dynamic missions, which had players suddenly scrambling to capture intelligence, or escorting AI commandos on attack runs at the enemy base. Also, it had awesome rocket packs that let you blast into the air and snipe enemies from above.

If any of that sounds good to you then head over here to apply for the multiplayer beta. Create a free Timegate account and then fill in the short form and you could be falling on your enemies from a great height in no time. For an idea of what that's going to look like, check out the trailer below.

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