Scum updates add anticheat and bug fixes, server lag still being worked on

Image above by Watchman on Twitter

Survival game Scum is proving a hit in its first week of Early Access, drawing more than 60,000 concurrent players over the weekend. We've been playing too, and if you're getting started here are some beginning tips and our handy guide to finding the best loot on Scum's map

Meanwhile, two patches have arrived for Scum in the past two days to address various issues. Perhaps most importantly, anti-cheat has been added, critical for any online game to prevent cheats and exploits. Server controls for admins have also been added, for those hosting their own Scum servers, and server browsers have been improved with filters and searches.

Those darn sentries that were proving tough to survive were nerfed in the first patch, but then buffed in the second patch. Now they'll be more accurate with their gunfire, rather than less, so good luck infiltrating underground bunkers. Spawn rates for animals have been increased, good news for people who are tired of eating other people. Also notable: bulletproof vests now have eight inventory slots instead of none, and bark rope can be made from short sticks instead of long ones (on a personal note: woo).

"And yes we are working on the server lag as we speak," the patch notes read, "we just want to make sure it comes out in the best shape as possible. Its on top of our priority list!"

Image above courtesy of Peter Kruse, aka Watchman on Twitter

Christopher Livingston
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