Scrolls is getting into the festive spirit with free game gifting

Merry Christmas everybody! Okay, it's not Christmas yet. But given that most people don't want to work over the holidays, it's close enough that many offers, deals and special gifts are going live today and tomorrow anyway. Merry Corporate Christmas everybody! There's a particularly special gift for owners of Scrolls, or, more accurately, for the friends of owners of Scrolls. Mojang's card-based battler is giving everyone who owns the game a free giftable copy to give to pals.

"It's the most Christmassy time of the year," writes Mojang's Owen Hill . "For that reason, we're giving every player owns Scrolls a free copy of the game to send to a friend. There is no catch!"

To redeem a copy, owners will need to log into their Mojang account, click "send to a friend" and enter the email address of that aforementioned friend. And like that, you're done: free to hound them to face off against your latest build. The codes will expire on January 31st, 2014, so maybe don't send it to lazy friends who don't check their email. Or old people who don't know what email is.

For more details, head to the Scrolls blog .

Phil Savage

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