Save up to $127 on these high-end gaming chairs

Save $50 on Maingear's Forma R and GT gaming chairs
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It doesn't make sense to suffer in silent misery on a dilapidated chair, not when there are so many comfortable options available. I know this all too well—my office chair is ready for a one-way trip to the dumpster, and I've found a replacement thanks to a $50 discount on Maingear's Forma R and Forma GT chairs (yes, I just bought one).

Maingear is basically offering the same deal it did for Black Friday, which is pretty awesome. The best gaming chairs tend to be expensive, and the Forma series is no exception. Both retail for $349, and you can tack on another $77 and change for the least expensive shipping option (FedEx Ground).

Screw that, right? Well, not only are these chairs marked down $50 to $299 (the discounted price shows up when you add one to your cart), but using promo code freeshipforma buries the shipping cost.

Maingear Forma R And Forma GT Gaming Chairs | $299.99 (save $50+)freeshipforma

Maingear Forma R And Forma GT Gaming Chairs | $299.99 (save $50+)
Maingear's Forma R and Forma GT gaming chairs are $50 off right now, and on top of that, coupon code freeshipforma waves the ground shipping cost. That's a $77.34 coupon, folks, so you're really saving $127.34 when buying direct from Maingear.

The Forma R is available in two color options: black with red trim, or white with black trim (Forma R Limited Edition). According to Maingear, it has a weight limit of up to 330 pounds. Maingear's Forma GT, meanwhile, comes in all-black with a diamond pattern. It has a larger seat and bumps the weight limit to 350 pounds.

Both chairs come with a memory foam headrest and lumbar pillows, 4D adjustable armrests, 165 degrees of reclining, and full tilt capability. Other features include steel construction for the main section on top of an aluminum alloy base, quite nylon wheels, and a Class-4 hydraulic piston. Maingear's confident in the design and backs these chairs with a 5-year warranty.

The only caveat with this deal is that all the chairs are backordered. Maingear is showing they'll ship in 3-4 weeks, but with this deal, it's worth the wait.

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