Save $150 on this curved ultrawide gaming monitor at Newegg

(Image credit: Deco Gear)

Curved panels can seem like a bit of indulgence, but right now this 43-inch curved monitor from Deco Gear is just $700 at Newegg ($150 off). This massive VA panel has a maximum resolution of 3840x1200 and a refresh rate of 120Hz, making it an excellent choice for gaming or productivity. 

This panel is also Freesync compatible to help reduce screen tearing at higher framerates without forcing your rig to slow down. Pair these features with HDR and you have a pristine picture for nearly any application. As with most ultrawide monitors, this Deco Gear model has picture-in-picture mode, giving you the equivalent of two 1920x1200 monitors side by side if that's more your style.

Either way, fewer monitors means fewer cables, and that's rarely a bad thing. There are some solid adjustment and mounting options available with this monitor as well. The stand comes with height and tilt adjustments, as well as being compatible with VESA mounts allowing it to accommodate all but the most compact of gaming setups.     

Deco Gear DGVIEW430| $699.99 at Newegg ($150 off)

Deco Gear DGVIEW430| $699.99 at Newegg ($150 off)
This may not come from a recognizable brand, but this 43-Inch curved panel still offers a 120Hz refresh rate and excellent ultrawide resolution. 

Deco Gear may not be a name you recognize like some of the best gaming monitors, but as with most gaming PC peripherals and components, a big part of the price tag comes from the clout associated with the name. The more popular manufacturers are likely to offer discounts on their monitors as soon as Black Friday rolls around, but you can save big on this awesome curved monitor today.    

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