Save $150 on this ASRock X570 Phantom AMD gaming motherboard

Save $150 on this ASRock X570 Phantom AMD gaming motherboard from Amazon
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Alright, if you been saving up for a cheap AMD motherboard deal, Amazon's got one that's currently going for its lowest price ever. 

Amazon has ASRock's X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 Mini ITX Thunderbolt 3 AMD Motherboard motherboard on sale for $229.99 right now, which is $150 off the normal price of $379. This is the lowest price we've seen this motherboard recently and a good deal for you AMD gamers. 

The X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 features one M.2 PCIe connection with x16 bandwidth, as well as a bunch of USB ports and one Thunderbolt port. It also comes with integrated Intel 802.11ax wifi and a 7.1 channel audio panel. It also supports up to 64GB DDR4 4533+ (OC) memory, so there's plenty of room to upgrade come Black Friday. And, of course, this model supports both 2000 and 3000 series AMD Ryzen processors. 

ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming Motherboard |$229.99 on Amazon (save $150)

ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming Motherboard |$229.99 on Amazon (save $150)
Get this AMD motherboard for the lowest price it's ever been with great upgrade potential. 

Chances are you're going to want to cram as much RAM as possible into this bad boy. You may want to check our Black Friday RAM deals for the best RAM at the lowest prices. 

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