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This code will let you save up to an additional $340 on Alienware laptops

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Want to save more on an Alienware laptop? Of course, you do! It's no surprise that Dell has marked down the entirety of its line of Alienware laptops, letting you save up to $480 on certain models. But now you can save up to an extra $340 with code SAVE12 at checkout. We'll highlight the specs of a couple of configurations that you can save big on with links so you can check them out yourself. 

 With scores of Black Friday savings are already out in the wild this is one of the best we've seen, but if you'd like to see how this compares, make sure to check out our list of the best Black Friday laptop deals.   View Deal

The top 5 Black Friday gaming laptop deals

The new Alienware M17 Gaming laptop is fully prepared for 1440p gaming or delivering super-high-speed 1080p performance to its slim bezel, 17-inch 144Hz panel. Currently available for $1,580 ($580 off with code SAVE12) the M17 comes equipped with a Core i7-9750H and an RTX 2060, this is one laptop that doesn't shy away from modern games. A solid 512GB of storage gives you a fair bit of space for games and the 16GB of RAM offers a considerable amount of multitasking support. As an added bonus, you'll get a slick Alienware branded backpack to tote around your new rig.

If you're ready to go full tilt, however, and don't necessarily need something super portable, you can also get similar savings on the Alienware Area-51M gaming laptop for $2,400 ($724 off with code SAVE12). This larger gaming laptop features a true unlocked i7-9700K CPU and pairs it with an RTX 2070 for excellent 1440p performance. While the Area-51 shares the same 16GB of RAM as the M17, it has considerably more storage space with a 256GB SSD supported by 1TB of bulk storage. 

Where to find Black Friday deals

Amazon - All the stuff on sale so far
Walmart - Games, Movies, and Books category
Best Buy - Electronics sale page
Newegg - Black Friday sale page
Dell - Including Alienware PCs
NZXT - 10% off all builds

An important final note here is that all of Alienware's laptops are highly customizable, and these savings apply even if you decide you want to pay a little extra for some additional storage or a slightly beefier graphics card. Dell also includes an on-site service warranty for a full year as standard with all of its systems. Finally, all of these laptops come with a complimentary 3-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass, giving you access to tons of latest titles to flex your new hardware.  

New Alienware M17 Gaming Laptop| $1,580 ($580 off) at Dell
The newest model of the Alienware M17 has a 1080p high-refresh monitor supported by an RTX 2060 and a 9750H for excellent, high-end gaming performance. View Deal

Alienware Area-51M Gaming Laptop| $2,400 ($720 off) at Dell  The massive Alienware Area-51M has specs that would rival some desktops with an unlocked 9700K and an RTX 2070 for excellent framerates at either 1080 or 1440p. View Deal

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