Satisfactory devs outline Update 6, new approach to reach release

Satisfactory Lizard Doggo
(Image credit: Coffee Stain Studios)

The developers at Coffee Stain Studios have taken a new approach to Update 6 for Satisfactory, releasing a 12-minute video outlining the entire update—as well as why they're doing so. In short, they're letting you know in advance that the update won't be huge, but that's because they're taking time to really drill down and get the game ready for its 1.0 release—which will probably be this year. To that end, Update 6 releasing some time in early  June might be the last big update before the whole thing comes tumbling out.

You can watch the entire update video on YouTube.

Update 6 itself will be themed around exploration. To that end, it'll focus on environmental changes, updated and new creatures, equipment additions, and in-game map improvements. Additionally, technical improvements are on the way, as is a possible rebalance of how overclocking your factory works—hopefully to make that just a bit more intuitive and power-friendly.

Terrain changes will focus on the northern coast, using it to add a new biome. Other creatures will get updates as well, but that huge crab from the reveal trailer back in 2018 isn't coming until later.

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