SanDisk's 240GB SATA 6Gbps solid state drive dips below $70

For anyone who hasn't already made the jump to a solid state drive, a good New Year's resolution is to finally swap out that pokey mechanical HDD. You'll thank yourself for doing so. Concerned about cost? SanDisk's 240GB SSD Plus is on sale for $69.50 over at B&H Photo.

You can also find it for a penny below $70 at Best Buy, both of which have Amazon beat (current price on Amazon is $100). Either way, you're looking at around 29 cents per gigabyte.

The Plus model is not the same as SanDisk's faster Ultra II series. Still, it's an upgrade over using an HDD. The 240GB model is rated to deliver sequential read performance of up to 530MB/s and sequential writes of up to 440MB/s.

Those numbers are in line with Silicon Power's Slim S55 240GB model, which is on our list of the best SSD deals currently available. If you prefer that model, you can find it at Newegg for slightly less at $68.

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Paul Lilly

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