Sanctum 2 shows up on Steam

Sanctum 2 is here! This fully rebuilt sequel to the impressive smooshing-together of the tower defense and FPS genres has been on our radars for awhile, and today is its debut on Steam. Haven't you just been dying to find out why those adorable alien-dogs are so intent on munching on your Cores?

"We built Sanctum 2 from the ground up, creating stunning visuals while keeping everything that players loved from the original," says Anton Westberg, Coffee Stain Studios' CEO. "We then added more characters, more enemies, more bosses, more levels, more weapons and more towers to make Sanctum 2 bigger, better and badder than we ever imagined."

I'd almost believe him if those little alien mutts weren't so darn cuddly-looking.

Sanctum 2 costs $15/£12, with a four-pack for the price of three at $45/£36. (My best memories of the original revolve around playing with pals.) There's also a DLC Season Pass —no word on what those DLCs will actually contain yet, but there's a discount if you pre-purchase the whole lot of 'em now, with the last having an estimated release date of February 2014.