Sample the student life in Two Point Campus

Every self-respecting student—especially those studying the arts—knows that getting a degree isn't really about setting yourself up for a career, but about the friendships, romantic dalliances, and debauchery you get up to along the way. Two Point Campus understands that as well as any institution, which is why it offers its students a vibrant life beyond the classroom.

Every student in Two Point Campus is a simmering cauldron of young adult energy, complex emotions, and needs. Students not only need to eat, sleep, and wash, but also crave excitement, adventure, and that electric crackle you feel when you meet someone you really connect with.

One of the best ways to get students bonding is to organise parties in the Student Union (or Student Lounge if you don't yet have the dosh for a full-on union). Set up a party near the start of the school year, and students will gain a spring in their step for some time, as well as establish those tentative early connections with their peers.

To some extent, students will form their own bonds. They'll chat before lectures, come up with silly handshakes at the gym, and throw down shapes together on the dance floor. But you—as the campus Cupid—can weave some magic to bring students even closer together.

car tables in two point campus

(Image credit: SEGA)

For a start, you can create romantic hotspots for your students. Decorate an outdoor area with trees and rosebeds, put down a Lover's Bench or Tree Benches (perhaps surrounding a Statue of Love), and watch the sparks start to fly. You could even set up a couple of cool Cadillac dining tables away from the crowd so that students can stare adoringly at each other over the tops of oversized milkshakes.

Then, once those love hooks bring a couple of blissful students together, let them take the leap from 'Sweethearts' to 'Soulmates' on the Double Jump Bed. And what do you do on this bubblegum-pink double bed adorned with love hearts? Why, jump around on it, of course.

Beyond the intoxicating haze of romance, there are other invaluable experiences for students on your campus. Once you can afford it, a concert stage in your Student Union can attract some of Two Point County's most famous acts, like DJ Sue Chef and the Boogie Knights. More competitive students, meanwhile, can compete in Cheeseball matches or County Cook-Offs against rival colleges. Hosting all these memorable events will make your college a vibrant buzzing place, which will be a big boost when the end-of-year awards come around.

Concert in Two Point Campus

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There are more laid back ways for students to spend their time too. A nice movie in a lecture theatre, games rooms, or simply hanging out in the dormitory. Admittedly, the dorms are usually a bit more packed in Two Point Campus than the ones you may have experienced, but hey, five students to a bed (not at the same time) is a lesson that nothing—whether it's education or privacy—comes free in life. This is a university campus, not some glamping holiday.

Keeping students happy and engaged is crucial to your campus. Give them a time to remember, and they'll give you the grades you want.

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