Samorost 3 "sound design" video reveals the magic behind the music

Samorost 3, Amanita Design's latest adventure/puzzler/bizarre digital toy, is a very musical game, but not in the sense of something you'd sit down and sing along with. There are clarinets and cellos, yes, but also high-strung devils, sonorous space salamanders, choral termites, sad spirits, and a host of other creatures, all giving voice to their own unique, and generally very odd, sounds and songs. And yet the way most of those sounds were made really isn't all that unusual at all. 

The “sound design and music” video embedded above doesn't dig deeply into the process of recording and mixing the game's audio, but it is interesting to see the music and “voice acting” being performed, and then playing ingame. The brief shot of the recording software makes clear that it's a complex process, and yet the actual source of so much of it is so simple: People making weird noises into microphones.   

It's a fun little video, and I think it shows off some gameplay that hasn't been shown in previous trailers, too—one or two moments of which might count as (very slightly) spoilerish, so keep that in mind if you want to stay pure until the very end. Samorost 3 came out in March, and it's really quite good. Read our review here.

Andy Chalk

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