Rust's boat update sounds suspiciously relaxing

(Image credit: Facepunch Studios)

Rust has a reputation for being a cruel and merciless sandbox, but you'd never know it from today's update. Apart from the bit where you can bludgeon someone to death with a paddle. Otherwise, it sounds very relaxing. 

Facepunch has added boat vendors to the game, meaning that you'll no longer find boats spawning along the coast. Instead, you'll have to find peaceful fishing villages where they can find a spot of sanctuary—violence is met with swift retribution—and buy a boat. 

The rowboat will set you back 250 scrap, while the inflatable boat costs 400. You'll also be able to find other items exclusive to fishing villages, like scuba gear, and purchase a new mode of transport: the kayak.

(Image credit: Facepunch Studios)

Calling it a kayak is a little generous, to be honest, but this floating pile of rubbish will let you paddle your way down the coast. And if you're attacked, you can use the paddle as a weapon. It's a spade with some rusty metal stuck to the other end, so being hit with it probably stings.

The update also lets you place a device that links up to the Rust companion app, showing you what's inside your inventory and how much upkeep you have left. It also doubles as a security system, as you can hook it up to traps and alarms, setting them off if someone adds or removes items.

Workbenches can be picked up and moved around, more objects have been electrified and there have been some broad changes to farming. You can check out the full list of changes later today, when the update and accompanying blog appear at 7 pm BST/11 am PDT.

Fraser Brown
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