RuneScape player faces up to 15 years in prison over currency theft

Teen faces prison for RuneScape coin robbery

We're passionate about games but this just takes the cake: A RuneScape enthusiast is facing up to 15 years in prison after an alleged attempt to force a fellow gamer to hand over 4.7 billion coins.

According to the New York Post , Humza Bajwa is accused of pulling a realistic-looking gun on David Emani in an attempt to force the transaction. Emani, who was acting as a representative for coin-owner Jonathan Dokler, met Bajwa in a Fordham University classroom and became suspicious when he noticed the $3,300 in cash that Bajwa had agreed to pay looked fake.

Over the phone, Emani advised Dokler to cancel the transaction, but Dokler was keen to continue so a second meeting was arranged for the following night. With a real $100 bill in hand for comparison, Emani accused Bajwa of using fake bills. It was then that Bajwa produced a realistic-looking BB gun. Emani says of the incident, "I couldn't believe I was about to get shot over RuneScape! I was so scared I was about to die."

Once the transaction was completed, Bajwa left Emani unharmed and still in possession of his $100.

Cops busted Bajwa on July 24 after talking to the victims and checking surveillance footage. Bajwa was charged with second-degree robbery and grand larceny and posted $20,000 bail. He faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

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