Runescape July update adds raids, another planet

Runescape raids

Elderly (in MMO terms) MMO Runescape has been going since 2001, in a variety of forms. It's finally evolved to point at which raids are to be added—raids being a firm staple of most modern MMO and MMO-like things. Raids are coming in Runescape's July update, along with a new planet named Mazcab populated by a "strange race of frog-like creatures", the goebies. As with any planet, you'll get there through a portal on a giant, dead space-boar's back—it's the fantasy version of EasyJet.

In addition to a whole other planet to explore, we can also expect fast lodestone teleports, a big cat tie-in with the WWF, and other stuff as detailed in this blog post. But what of those raids? "These epic adventures offer a new take on high-level boss fights," developers Jagex say, "for groups of up to 10 players. Each raid boss has very different gameplay, with plenty of teamwork required even to reach each fight. There'll be two bosses with this first release, with plenty of plans for more in the future, growing in difficulty and rewards."

Raids, cats and more in the above video. (Thanks, Destructoid.)

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