Runescape gets dinosaurs and the first new skill in 4 years

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In 2019 Jagex released the much-anticipated Land out of Time expansion for Runescape, featuring an island full of prehistoric creatures to hunt and slay. With Archaeology—Runescape’s first skill in four years—you get to explore five dig sites full of artefacts and relics. Some of these discoveries might unlock unexpected status buffs. Oh, also, there is a brand new storyline featuring the world’s original creators—the Elder Gods.

You begin your Archaeology journey at the Kharid-Et dig site, where you receive your first Mattock—the skill’s signature tool. Beneath the city of Al Kharid you uncover long-lost relics of the God Wars, including weapons and ancient magics. Jagex felt it was important to create a new skill that appeals to both veteran players and newcomers. 

"We had to keep in mind every type of player exploring this skill," says content developer Ryan Philpott. "You’ll get snippets of lore instead of an information dump that could overwhelm casual fans. That said, there’s still much to learn and it’s drip-fed generously. Other than Summoning, which is tailored to a hardcore, higher level crowd, our rewards for Archaeology can be appreciated at any level."

The later stages see Archaeologist face off against the archaic Warforge dig site. Here you have to have to utilise new equipment and knowledge to uncover the secrets of Bandos and his many armies. You can aid the excavation effort using Ancient Summoning to enslave demonic creatures.

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If you have dedicated yourself to Archaeology you can obtain an elite skilling outfit, granting you unlimited teleports to dig sites and an increased success rate for excavation. Most importantly, there’s an adorable new skilling pet to swoon over. 

Archaeology is designed to bring the community together. A closed economy ensures that all items are tradeable, allowing players to work together to level up. Veteran adventurers will be training alongside those polishing their brand new mattocks. This opens up the potential for mentoring as players connect.

With new status buffs, invaluable treasure, and glorious locations to explore, RuneScape’s latest update is more than a skill. Mastery of Archaeology will provide you with a significant advantage in upcoming updates later this year, including the much-awaited Elder God War Dungeon. Grab your mattocks and get digging. War is afoot.

You can watch the launch trailer for Archaeology here.

(Image credit: Runescape)