Rumour: Bungie's next game will be "WoW in space"

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Rumour has it that Bungie are working on a massively multiplayer online shooter called Destiny. The game is said to be being built in a new engine created by Bungie, and has been called "WoW in space."

Kotaku got the information from a source who used to work for Bungie as a recently terminated contractor. The source says that Destiny is being developed under the codename "Tiger", and utilises "unique online connectivity and matchmaking technology."

Bungie have responded , denying the source's claims about his contract being terminated, but haven't said anything in response to the rumoured Destiny MMO. At GDC last year Bungie's creative director Joe Staten was asked what Bungie's next game would be, and he said "wouldn't it be great if we could make a world that was always there for you? Wow. That would be great."

Bungie making a Planetside style massively multiplayer FPS? That would be pretty great, don't you think?

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