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Rumor: Starfield images may have leaked

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Starfield is currently Bethesda's priority ahead of The Elder Scrolls 6, but apart from a teaser shown at E3 in 2018 we haven't seen what their sci-fi RPG will actually look like. Now a trio of images have appeared on image-hosting site Imgur, claiming to be leaked from Starfield. One's an in-game shot of an astronaut who appears to be standing on a space station, another shows a close-up of a UI element from the first screenshot, and the third is a spaceship with some scorch marks and wear and tear.

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They do seem to match the rugged and relatively realistic space frontier vibe we're expecting, and the font on the UI matches that on the "watch teaser" and "sign up" buttons on the Starfield website. So take these pics with a grain of salt, but they could be legit. Among the rumors currently swirling around is that these images come from a 2018 build of Starfield rather than a current one.

The UI includes a meter measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide, suggesting that there might be some survival elements. There's a gravity meter too. It's not much to go on, honestly. Here's everything we know about Starfield so far.

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