Roller Champions is getting a closed alpha next week

We've not heard much about Roller Champions, Ubisoft's Rocket League-style roller derby romp, since it was announced at E3 last year. Like me, you might have forgotten all about it. It's still moving forward, however, and you might be able to put on some skates and flail around very soon, as Ubisoft's hosting a closed alpha next week. 

If you played the demo that was released during E3, expect some new features. According to the FAQ, the alpha will show off character customisation and a new arena, Chichen Itza, along with map layout tweaks, new team moves and new tackling moves.

The alpha is only available on PC, and you can sign up here if you fancy playing. If you're invited, you'll be able to start preloading Roller Champions on March 9 at 4 pm GMT/8 am PT. The servers will open on March 11 and you'll be able to roll around as much as you like until March 23 at 8 pm GMT/12 pm PT. 

Your progress won't be carried over to the finished game, but all alpha testers will receive the Alpha outfit, a permanent reward. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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