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Rocksmith won't be getting any more DLC

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Ubisoft San Francisco announced it is moving on to a new project, and will no longer produce DLC for Rocksmith—the rhythm game that uses a real guitar as a controller (connected via guitar-to-USB Rocksmith Real Tone Cable), and teaches songs as you play along with them. 

The final song pack provided players with a batch of songs by Swedish prog-metal band Opeth, bringing the total number of songs available for Rocksmith up to 1,570, released over 383 weeks.

Though there will be no more Rocksmith DLC, weekly online content is still being planned, according to the Ubisoft blog (opens in new tab). "The Rocksmith Dev Stream will continue (in a new format), along with some more surprises."

As for the new project the studio have moved onto, there are no details given. "We will also continue to share updates for our new project when we’re ready on our website, Twitter (opens in new tab), Facebook (opens in new tab), and Instagram (opens in new tab)", they say. 

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