Rocket League is heading to the Wasteland with new Chaos Run DLC

Rocket League Chaos Run

The upcoming Rocket League DLC "Chaos Run" will add a post-apocalyptic twist to the game with "thematically inspired" paint, wheels, rocket trailers, toppers, and antennas, plus a pair of brand-new cars, one of which sports a rather familiar haircut.

The release of Chaos Run will also see the launch of a free new arena called Wasteland, that's based on a similar map in Psyonix's 2008 game Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. As the first "non-standard" stadium added to the game, it will be wider than other fields and have different Boost placements. But the biggest difference is that the ground around the entire perimeter will be sloped, which developer Psyonix said will result in a much different "feel" in matches.

Also on the way is new music from Kevin Riepl, whose previous videogame credits include Gears of War, Crackdown 2, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and Hawken. The new tunes will be free as well, as will a number of new Garage items that have yet to be announced.

Rocket League—Chaos Run is slated to come out in early December, and will set you back $4. Details are up on Steam.

Andy Chalk

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