Rocket League goes all-in on Batman for Halloween

The hero Rocket League deserves has returned: or, at least, his cars have. Psyonix's spectacular car football game holds a Haunted Hallows event every year for Halloween, and this time it's Batman-themed.

The Rumble gametype is becoming Gotham City Rumble over this period, in which the power ups are themed around Bat-stuff. So there's Joker's boxing glove, Harley's hammer, Poison Ivy's vines (used as a grapple), and so on. The arena Beckwith Park is also getting a makeover as the Gotham Night variant, containing various Bat-nods in the background.

As ever the event comes with a bunch of challenges which will unlock items themed after various Bat-villains: the Joker has a Dominus decal and a rather decent 'hahaha' boost, Harley Quinn has wheels and a topper, Poison Ivy gets an organic-looking boost, and you can change your player title to Dark Knight. If you really want to.

Finally, the Batmobiles return to the item shop. I don't know why they weren't just in there anyway (they've been in the game for years now) but you can once again buy the Tim Burton Batmobile (yes baby!), the Tumbler from the Nolan movies (eh, it's alright), or the Battfleck-mobile (no thanks). Each comes with a goal explosion that shows the Bat-signal from their respective eras. The Haunted Hallows event begins later today.

Rich Stanton

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