Rocket League gets Xbox One cross-play today

Rocket League's long-awaited cross-network play with Xbox One will arrive 3pm PT/11pm BST today. We'll soon be frolicking with our other set of strange console mates.

This update makes Rocket League the first game to allow PC-Xbox cross-play. We've been demolishing PS4 players since release, of course, but it took Microsoft some time to warm to the idea.

Though Microsoft has previously said it's open to cross-play with 'other consoles', Sony is not reciprocating. Don't expect PS4 teammates to face off against Xbox players just yet. Perhaps that's for the best. I picture some sort of devastating antimatter annihilation should the two ever meet.

There's no word on whether we'll be able to form parties with Xbox friends—a feature still sorely absent from PS4 cross-play. At least there's not long till we find out.