Roccat’s new headset aims to blast your noggin with virtual 7.1-surround sound

Roccat added a new gaming headset to its product lineup today, one that it claims is capable of hi-res audio and rich sound courtesy of pairing 50mm drivers with a 24-bit (at 96KHz) integrated sound card.

Called the Khan Aimo, this is an RGB illuminated headset with the promise of delivering virtual 7.1 surround sound. Virtual surround, of course, is hit or miss among headsets, so we'll reserve judgment until we have a set to play around with ourselves. Users also have the option of disabling virtual surround and using the Khan Aimo as a stereo headset.

Roccat's biggest bragging point, however, is the integrated sound chip. According to Roccat, the dedicated sound card inside the Khan Aimo is capable of "easily outperforming onboard audio solutions provided on most gaming motherboards." That's a lofty claim, especially considering that motherboard makers have increased their focus on onboard audio in recent years.

The Khan Aimo has stainless steel sliders for durability and memory foam cushions on the earcups for comfort. There's also padding on the headband. It's a relatively lightweight headset, weighing 275 grams.

Volume and surround controls can be found on one of the earcups. There's also a mute button for the microphone, which offers passive noise cancellation.

The Khan Aimo will be available soon for $120. Roccat has a product link ready to go on its own web store, though currently it returns a 404 error.

Paul Lilly

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