Master Roblox's virtual cops and robbers with this Jailbreak guide

Roblox jailbreak
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If you're looking for more wins in Jailbreak in Roblox, you're in the right place. Roblox has a huge wealth of games to choose from, and every so often one takes the community by storm. One such example is Jailbreak. It's basically a digital version of the playground classic, Cops and Robbers. In Roblox's version, the criminals must break out of prison and try and rob a bank, while the police need to catch them and uphold the law. 

Made by a user called Badimo and released in 2017, Jailbreak has become one of Roblox's most popular games. This isn't purely down to luck, either, Jailbreak is one of the better games on Roblox, well worth checking out. Like much else about Roblox, it can be a little idiosyncratic, so here are a few Roblox Jailbreak tips and tricks to get you started. 

Roblox Jailbreak tips and tricks


First off, driving is more or less essential in Jailbreak. It is technically possible to walk everywhere, but you'll be left in the dust the moment the opposing team gains access to a car. It's also important to upgrade your vehicles when you get chance. The faster your vehicle, the more likely you are to catch/escape from your opponent.

For the most part, it’s also best to play in third-person. First-person is useful when you’re investigating something, but third-person prevents enemy players from sneaking up on you. This is crucial no matter which side you’re playing. 

Finally, don’t forget to lock your vehicle when you get out. Otherwise it will get stolen, as that’s kind of the point of the game. 


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As a cop, your goal is to guard prisoners and catch any that escape. While your job is to enforce the law, there are rules to follow. You can only arrest a prisoner under the following conditions:

  • They are in a prohibited area.
  • They have punched the power box in the prison once.
  • They are being hostile.
  • They have pickpocketed an officer.
  • They have entered a vehicle.

If you witness a crime, you must arrest the prisoner within a time limit, or they will become 'innocent' again. Arresting an innocent person will see you reprimanded, and making the same mistake four times will put you in the clink yourself.

It's worth spending your first few games practicing with your items. Both your gun and your taser are essential tools for slowing down escaping prisoners. Make sure all weapons are fully loaded when possible. You don’t want to pull out your gun and hear the soft click of humiliation. You also want to learn to switch quickly between weapons and handcuffs if you want to catch the bad guys. 

When assuming the role of a prison guard, watch your back for pickpockets. If someone steals a keycard from you, they’ll have a far easier time escaping the prison and ultimately robbing the bank. Third-person mode is your friend here. 


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As a criminal, your goal is to escape prison and live a life of crime. You can rob banks, shops, and even trains. Before you do any of that, however, you need to escape prison. Look for potential escape routes or pickpocket a guard for a keycard. You can use this keycard to open the gate and escape. 

It's also possible to escape by stealing a helicopter. This is a more stylish way of escaping, but it will draw attention and may make it hard to shake your pursuers. Weigh up the pros and cons based on how many guards there are. 

Once you're out, it's up to you what criminal capers you take on. But with every crime you commit, you will accrue a bounty. The criminals with the highest bounties are displayed at the police stations, making it more likely you’ll be targeted by the cops. So be ready to defend yourself before going on a crime spree. 

When trying to apprehend you, most cops will use the taser. The best way to avoid being electrocuted is to be chaotic in your movements. Move in zigzags and jump around a lot. Successfully avoiding the taser will open up the opportunity to counterattack, so pay close attention.