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Road Redemption now available in alpha, providing you spend $40

Thanks to the Road Rash series, a significant number of Mega-Drive owning '90s youths grew up with a nostalgic fondness for smacking people off motorbikes with chains and pipes and crowbars. Come the post-apocalypse, we'll be the ones wistfully thinking about 16-bit arcade violence as gangs of leather-clad caricatures patrol the abandoned highways. Until then, there's Road Redemption, the Kickstarted spiritual successor that's now available as an early access alpha.

Based on the video, it's... er... well, rough around the edges would be the polite way to put it. It's definitely fulfilling the Road Rash promise, but there's a long way to go before a fully polished game. It's an early enough version that the $40 price tag (around £24) is a somewhat unattractive proposition. For one thing, it's in-line with the Kickstarter rewards, suggesting the full game could be significantly cheaper.

The alpha is currently available via the Road Redemption website . Steam Early Access is also in the works, as the game successfully made it through Greenlight last year.

Road Redemption's full version is due out this November.

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