Rise of the Immortals now in open beta


Petroglyph has just opened the doors on a beta version of its MOBA game Rise of Immortals to anyone who's interested—now's your chance to try out a mixture of PvP and PvE elements in a three-lane, hero-team setup. By signing up for the beta, you'll get some exclusive swag and a bit of in-game currency for your trouble.

RoI's most notable feature is its persistent character system, which lets you collect stat-boosting items and accumulate experience as you play more matches. That's not to say veterans will greatly surpass the capabilities of new players—though you do gain persistent levels in both PvP and PvE instances, it never skews the balance of the game. If you sign up and participate in the open beta , you'll get a spiffy, beta-tester-exclusive skin for robotic baddie Psychozen (pictured above, rocking the C-3PO look), and a little over $10 worth of the in-game currency used to buy vanity items and boosts.

For characters, I also recommend Aislynn , the tattooed support tank. Few things are more awesome than howling like a wolf every few seconds, then calling down massive damage on an enemy with the power of the moon.