Riot: Civil Unrest trailer shows pixelated protests


Riot: Civil Unrest was first announced two years ago, and impressed with its uncompromising pixel depictions of protests and civil disobedience. Back then it was simply called Riot, which is why it took some creative searching to dig out this old news post from our archives. Now, a slightly extended name ensures it won't be lost amid references to the famous MOBA developer. More importantly, there's a new trailer to watch.

A real-time strategy, Riot: Civil Unrest lets you play as both the police and the rioters in locations based on real-world countries like Greece, Egypt, Spain and Italy. As the police, you can choose to use various crowd-control tactics—both passive and aggressive. As the rioters, you can incite rage or attempt to calm things down. Given the obvious real-world inspiration, it's a sensitive subject—one that it sounds like Riot is trying to make as open-ended and player-driven as possible.

Riot: Civil Unrest is due out this summer.

Phil Savage

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